Information about the service

Updated on March 3rd 2022

1. Application of Terms of Service

The use of Bookcovidvaccine service (hereinafter “Service provider”) produced by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (hereinafter “Service”) requires that the identifying person (hereinafter “User”) accepts and adheres to these terms of service. The User is encouraged to read through these terms of service before starting to use the Service.

2. Accepting the Terms of Service and Identification

The User accepts these terms of service upon identification on the Service. Anyone can identify on the Service with regard to the gradual implementation of the service and varying focus groups at different stages (social and healthcare professional, high-risk individual, other citizen). The Service is personal, although at later stages (other citizen) the User can book an appointment on the service for another person from whom they have received an authorization to use the service on the other person’s behalf.

The User identifies on the service through service using their personal electronic banking credentials or mobile ID. You can find more information on identification here:

3. Right to Use the Service

The service is intended for the residents of Uusimaa and social and healthcare professionals working in the region of Uusimaa. Different vaccination groups will gradually receive access rights to the service. You can look up the on-going vaccination stage here: The Service is only intended for people over the age of 16.

Using the Service is free of charge. If the User books an appointment to one of the vaccination points designated by the Service, the vaccination process will be free of charge.

The User always has an exclusive responsibility for the appropriate use of the Service in accordance with the terms of service. The User must report to the Service provider immediately in case the User suspects that the Service is being used on their behalf without authorization or any other order, or otherwise against these terms of service.

4. Purpose of the Service and Its Use

The Service is intended to inform and instruct the User, as well as let the User book an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination insofar as it is possible within the Service at any given time. The Service contains useful information regarding the COVID-19 epidemic that is targeted to the User, as well as instructions by the Finnish authority and information regarding regional vaccination points.

The Service provider has an exclusive right to decide the scope and contents of the Service provided to the User. The service enables the User to book an appointment (note that two appointments are required) to a vaccination point in their municipality or the area of their employer’s organization. The Service will send a confirmation message to the User’s email or phone number for the appointment and a reminder as the appointment date draws closer.

The Service aims to focalise the booking service for COVID-19 vaccination based on the location of vaccination points and the quantity of available vaccines. The User’s municipality is responsible for the vaccination and its processes.

When using the Service, the User will be informed on the appropriateness of the information collected on the Service, as well as its use and storage. The User will fill in a preliminary information form when booking an appointment, which will then be stored to the COVID-19 database, which is a separate joint register controlled by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act (1227/2016). If the User is infected by the coronavirus, the vaccination data is useful in the tracking work carried out by the infectious disease specialists. The data is not automatically transferred to any other registers, such as the patient register of hospital districts or municipalities, or any third-party registers, but the vaccination point will manually record vaccination data to each patient database in the municipality.

The User is responsible for the correctness of any information provided and entered to the Service and commits to report to the Service provider immediately in case of finding any shortcomings or flaws in the information.

5. Contents of the Service and Third-Party Services

The Service may be used to share information from third-party services or links to third party services. The Service is used to share appropriate information regarding the epidemic and guide people to the websites of Finnish authorities. The Service provider is not responsible for any contents on the third-party services but aims to ensure correctness of all information.

When the User books an appointment, the Service will transfer the User’s name and social security number to the healthcare professional at the sampling point who works in a municipal or specialized healthcare unit in the region of Uusimaa, or in any other contractual subcontractor unit in the municipality.

The User may use third-party services through the links on the Service or otherwise through the Service, but in such cases, HUS is not a contracting party or otherwise responsible for any information and its implementation transferred or provided by the User or the third party.

6. Use of Personal and Other Information

The Service stores the User’s sensitive personal information under their explicit consent. The User may enter any information they wish to the Service insofar as the Service enables it and the appointment booking for vaccination on the Service requires.

Data in the Service is visible to the User only and, to a limited extent, to the healthcare personnel providing the vaccination in each vaccination point, as well as to the professional at the infectious disease unit of the municipality in case the User is infected by the coronavirus.

The Service provider operates as the processor of user data. The municipalities within the region of HUS, as well as other Finnish healthcare units that have deployed the service, operate as the processors of vaccination bookings at vaccination points and as controllers for their citizens/employees.

Third-party services and websites have their own data protection principles regarding personal information. The Service provider is not responsible for the operation of third-party websites or services.

7. Cookies used by the service

This service does not use cookies.

8. Intellectual Property Rights of the Service

The Service provider or third party have the intellectual property rights on all the content within the Service, its layout, and all the materials available on the Service. The User may print or save any material available on the Service for private use. If any material on the Service is used in accordance with the Copyright Act (404/1961), the source needs to be always mentioned. The trademarks contained within the Service may not be reproduced, published or further disseminated without a written consent by the Service provider.

9. Limitations of Liability

The Service provider provides the Service under the principles of “as is” and “as is available”. The Service provider does not guarantee that the Service can be used without interruption or error. The Service provider cannot guarantee the availability or flawlessness of the Service. The Service provider is not responsible to the User or third parties for the contents of the information presented on the Service, their correctness and any potential flaws, shortcomings or delays with the information.

The User is responsible for having a functional network connection and sufficient technical qualifications and software to use the Service properly. The User is also responsible for the safety and functionality of the devices and software they use.

Liability of the Service provider extends to mandatory provisions in the Finnish Law. The Service provider or the User are not responsible for the damage which arises as a result of neglected obligation caused by an unusual or unforeseeable cause that is beyond the party’s control.

The Service provider may report regarding a force majeure or disruptions on the front page of the Service, on its website and the websites of authorities, municipalities and hospital districts.

10. Cancellation of Service

The User has the right to cancel their appointment booked on the Service in accordance with the instructions in the confirmation message by contacting the healthcare unit in their municipality. User data in the Service cannot be removed if the User has booked a sampling appointment, as data retention in the patient register of the municipality where the User resides and uses services is based on the Finnish law (Health Care Act 1326/2010).

The Service provider has a right to terminate the User’s account on the Service for a justified reason in case the use of Service causes harm to the Service provider, the User or third parties, or the Service has otherwise been used against these terms of service.

11. Applicable Law and Forum

The Finnish Law is applied to these terms of service. Any disputes caused by these terms of service will primarily be resolved through negotiations between the parties. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it will be settled by the Helsinki District Court or another district court at the location of the User’s domicile or permanent residence.