COVID-19 vaccination for the social and healthcare professionals

Please see the page Information on COVID-19 vaccination for information on which vaccines are used in Uusimaa, what symptoms the vaccine may cause, for whom the vaccine is not suitable, and having the vaccine after recovering from a COVID-19 infection.  

Vaccines are administered to the healthcare personnel treating confirmed or suspected coronavirus patients, social welfare and healthcare personnel vital to healthcare capacity, as well as the personnel in 24/7 care facilities for elderly people.

You can book an appointment for vaccination based on professional duties only if

  • You have received a personal email from your supervisor stating that you have an opportunity to be vaccinated. Do not forward the email from your supervisor to anyone.
  • Your supervisor has informed you about a vaccination point. Be careful that you book an appointment to the correct vaccination point.

You will need electronic banking credentials or mobile ID to book an appointment. You also need to know which vaccination point you should make the appointment for.

Make sure to read the booking guidelines.

Are you a professional working at a vaccination point?

You can learn more on how to use service at (in Finnish).

Cancelling an appointment

You will receive a confirmation of your appointment time by email or text message. This confirmation message also contains instructions for changing your appointment. The message contains the required link, appointment key and pin code. 

First vaccine dose:

If you want to change the time for your first vaccine dose, cancel your first vaccination time. This will also cancel your appointment for the second vaccine dose (booster vaccine). Then, make both appointments again for different times.

Second vaccine dose:

You can also cancel or change your booster vaccine appointment using the appointment key and pin code. You can change your booster vaccine appointment in the appointment booking system, but the period between your two vaccine appointments must be no shorter than 6 weeks and no longer than 12 weeks and 5 days.

If you have received the first vaccine but have not yet booked a booster vaccine appointment, you can use the appointment booking system to make an appointment for the booster vaccine. The period between the two vaccine doses must be no shorter than 6 weeks and no longer than 12 weeks and 5 days. It is recommended to take the booster vaccine after 12 weeks.

Making or changing a booster vaccine appointment is also possible at other occupational health care vaccination points. The appointment booking system offers available times for those vaccination points that have times available for giving the same vaccine type that you received as your first vaccine dose.

If you have any questions about your vaccination, please contact your occupational health care provider.

Experiencing problems with booking?

You can contact appointment booking using the feedback form. Please note: your feedback will be processed in HUS IT Management. If you have questions about the vaccination itself and its arrangements, please contact your home municipality.

The service obtains your data from the population registry. Book your appointment by phone if you have an order of non-disclosure for personal safety reasons (turvakielto), or if your home municipality is not in Uusimaa but you have chosen a health care service provider in Uusimaa. In these cases, we will not be able to obtain your data.  

Arrival to vaccination


Come only if you are healthy. Dress in a way that allows you to easily expose your upper arm.


Make sure to bring along the documents as requested by the vaccination professionals*.


Wear a face mask, exercise proper hand hygiene and keep a distance of 2 metres to others.


Save 15 minutes for post-vaccination monitoring.

*For example, your ID card, work ID card, VRK card and Kela card.